CEWales E Bulletin November 2022

Regardless of what happened on the pitch, Wales has re-introduced itself to the world because of the men’s FIFA World Cup. Whether it is Yma o Hyd or Michael Sheen imploring Rob Page’s team to ‘give them some sugar, boys’ no one can deny our passion.

Wales is different. And we are rightly proud of our Welshness without imposing it on others. Hence why it is brilliant that our Welsh Government is often world leading, not just leading within the British Isles on policy. Our Active Travel Act is a first; the Future Generations Act is envied across the world. We are different. We need different attitudes, methods and ideas to respond to our Welsh difference.

That is a central part of our thinking behind our first CEWales Construction Summit. There’s a form of construction policy within Welsh Government, not so much in Whitehall. Our sector suffers that its role is spread thinly across different areas of policymaking. So, our Construction Summit seeks to find a direction for the sector in 2023 by asking ‘what does Wales need from construction?’

We want the event to be solution focussed. Not a forum for soundbites, criticism and moaning. We will hear from industry leaders and policy makers to provide context for us, the great enablers of society, to respond to. Our main session will be an interactive workshop challenging delegates to outline ideas for building a new hospital that’s net zero, sustainable, has the natural environment embedded in it and is connected and serving its community. The solution focussed theme is: ‘how do we build that?’

On answer is to look at our examples of best practice. Morganstone won the CE National Award in November for its work with Pobl and Sero. Pioneering low zero housing for communities urgently in need of homes, an improved quality of life and a sustainable community.

Our passion, pride and dedication to best practice means we are winners. And. We are still here.