CEWales E Bulletin March 2022

It is almost Easter and spring is upon us. You can tell because the weather has gone mad, and the Chancellor made a spring budget statement that has left everyone with very mixed feelings. Will the 5% cut in fuel duty make a difference? Will the changes to VAT on certain materials affect our sector? Will the arguments made by pundits like Lem Bingley in Construction News about red diesel have an impact? How do we cope with increasing energy prices and ongoing inflation?

We stick together. We collaborate. We work as one industry – one voice. One voice for the industry, right across the supply chain. That’s what CEWales does.

Only our organisation is driving for changes and improvement to the business of construction. Only our movement touches upon all areas of the sector.

It’s tough out there. You only have to read the headlines of media like Construction Enquirer or look at your own balance sheet. But construction has weathered tough times before. One important thing we can all do is have respect for each other. That concept – respect for people – is one of the founding elements of the original Rethinking Construction report. That is at the root of CEWales.

Respect for people is often overlooked; taken for granted. Now more than ever that principle overrides all others. Respect means not passing on prices without considering consequences to sub-contractors, partners and end users. Respect means not firing and re-hiring. Respect means improved diversity and inclusivity. Respect means consideration for our environment, re-sue, recycle, repair, and maintain. Respect means do as you would be done by.