CEWales E Bulletin January 2022

From Michael Gove making noises about the industry needing to respond to the Westminster Government’s new position on cladding, to Mark Farmer’s advice about how we adapt to threats and opportunities and Dame Judith Hackett reinforcing her reports findings on Grenfell the construction industry has a lot to consider as we move into 2022.

CEWales represent many companies in Wales who are making significant advancements in helping improve building safety standards. We seek and encourage change to enable improvement. CEWales member Siderise clearly demonstrate in real terms how this is happening. Get in touch with us to share your examples……..  

“Siderise have engaged whole heartedly with the suggestions made in the Hackitt report, were early signatories to the Building Safety charter, and are making good progress on initiatives such as the CCPI (Construction Code for Product Information) , and a host of other digital initiatives to support the golden thread. Training and Competency has always been vital for our business, and it is not something we need prompting to develop, and we are investing significantly in both internal and external competency and training. We can understand how it may appear daunting to some to begin their journey , with a whole host of regulatory changes in the mix, the effects of Brexit still looming large, and Covid still a factor. Accepting all of that , engagement with the suggestion in the Hackitt report are good for business and should not be delayed, once you begin there is a whole host of organisations ready to assist”

As Mark Farmer says in his column in Building that we’ve abridge in this edition of the newsletter the construction industry is resilient. We are good at adapting. But we are better when we work together – ideally, collaboratively and as an integrated team, obviously.

That team work and that concept of sharing best practice and advice is at the core of the Construction Excellence movement and something we champion in CEWales. We believe what we advocate, what we recommend to Welsh Government and the major client bodies across the public sector and what we celebrate via our CEW Awards represent the future. But we need our movement to grow, and we need members and stakeholders to act as ambassadors to maintain momentum.

That’s why we are seeking new members and also asking members to sign up to a commitment that means behaving in line with our values. That works for us too – as administrators, directors and advocates of the CEWales objectives and values we expect to be held to account by you, our members and those we lobby. But this formalising of the commitment to a set of behaviours is something new. It underlines what CEWales means. It emphasises the importance of being a
CEWales member. It adds an x-plus factor.

Details will follow in the next few weeks as we send out membership renewal letters. But if you want to find out more then let us know please:

Equally, we want to know what you think about our events plans and the programme of activity we will be publishing shortly. Whilst CEWales is the voice for the industry and an active and dynamic force for change, we are here to serve you as members. Tell us what you want.