CEW Award Deadline – it isn’t over yet!

The deadline has closed for all the categories except one – find out how and why you should consider entering the Health, Safety and Wellbeing category.

Competition is hot for the 2019 CEW Awards, but sadly, not in the Health, Safety & Wellbeing Award category. So far, there has been only a single entry. The standard is high, but we have decided that the change in the category might have been under stood properly.

As you all know only too well, this is one of the most important areas of our work in the construction industry.  What’s more, the recent introduction of ‘Wellbeing’ (defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as, ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy) to this category demonstrates the importance of everyone who works with us and for us all being safe, healthy, happy and comfortable. This means there are more ‘people’ options to consider when putting an entry together. Everyone understands the positive impact ticking all those boxes can have on our people, our projects and productivity – so now is a chance to celebrate the positive steps you’re taking as a business, organisation or on specific projects. 

Wellbeing is accepted as a major HR responsibility. What’s more construction has campaigned hard regarding issues such as mental health – often regarded as taboo, something that has a stigma attached to it. This is the type of area that might form an entry. Perhaps your organisation has worked with Time 2 Change, Mates in Mind or another body that provides resources to combat wellbeing issues. Or it might be that wellbeing is better illustrated by initiatives to improve the physical health of the people in and around local communities that you serve – perhaps supporting active travel plans, healthier eating regimes or access to education. All of these things help improve the wellbeing of employees and communities.

Think it over. There are plenty more ideas to help make a winning entry. That’s why we are giving you more time to enter this category. We are extending the entry period for Health, Safety & Wellbeing Award category by two weeks from today in the hope you will reconsider entering. If you need more advice, then email susan.selkirk@cewales.org.uk. To download an entry form please click on the link here Health Safety Wellbeing Award

So, you’ve only until 5th  March to finalise your entry. Why not go for it? Then, the winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner to be held on Friday 7th June at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport.