Become a Member of CEWales

It’s that time of year when you all need to renew your Membership of CEWales, but what do you get for your money and why should you persuade other people and organisations to join CEWales and the wider CE Movement?

It's that time of year when we write to ask you to kindly renew your membership of CEWales. We are now in a moody teenager mode – anxious to get on, but frustrated that there is so much to do. What's more CEWales is very much in a different phase – experiencing growing pains and a new dimension as an independent wholly membership funded movement.

Joking aside, it is vital to remember that we have achieved so much already this financial year and have great things planned because of the loyalty of current members and sponsors – not because we have Welsh Government funding. So, thank you to all our members and backers. But we need more support – and tangible backing, not just good will. CEWales parted company with the Government in the summer of 2018 when it withdrew its grant support. This means many of our initiatives have had to be cut back or put on hold and other ambitious but very important schemes need urgent direct support from the industry.

That's why we need you to renew your membership and encourage colleagues and partners to sign up to the CE movement in Wales to drive real change. CEWales still has enormous influence in Wales and remains the only organisation with the ability to bring together all the parts of the Welsh Built Environment supply chain.

Here's a reminder of what we are capable of with your support, together as a unit advocating best practice and collaborative procurement – opportunities to reach out to 6,500 stakeholders, take part in 1,000s of hours of events – educating, informing and challenging the industry and its clients. Together we can drive real change and as a member you can –

 Have a voice in conversations with Welsh Government
 Gain opportunities to lobby and develop relationships with Cabinet Ministers, Assembly Members, Civil Servants and Special Advisors
 Access to influential decision-makers in the sector
 The opportunity to network with like-minded stakeholders
 Monthly newsletter and website updates
 Invitations to over 50 best practice events every year
 Exclusive detailed learning from CEWales Exemplar schemes
 Access to consultancy on waste management and recycling

CEWales will advocate the principles of best practice, championing collaborative procurement, integrated teamworking, honesty and transparency. Our work is aligned with the values of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act and will focus on implementing the recommendations set out in Building Prosperity – the Welsh construction strategy. Be part of the change that build a better Wales. Join CEWales today!

How to renew? This year we've made it even easier for you, we can offer a direct debit scheme and the ability to pay by credit card – more details will be specified on your invoice.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another successful year of working together.