Are you measuring up?

Measuring performance is at the bedrock of the Rethinking Construction agenda. But are you still doing it? What KPIs do you use? To help you benchmark your work and achieve best practice we are asking you to support this survey on performance measurement

Benchmarking progress is one of the best ways everyone can learn how to improve what they do, learn from mistakes and repeat the things going well. It’s at the heart of the best practice movement. But are you doing it? And if you are, how do you know you’re measuring the right stuff?

Our colleagues at Constructing Excellence (CE) are looking into it right now. The Constructing Excellence Performance Measurement Forum is carrying out this questionnaire to understand what is being measured and by whom across the industry.  So we would really appreciate the help of CE Wales members and stakeholders with this Performance Measurement KPIs Questionnaire – go to this link Performance Measurement KPIs Questionnaire – Constructing Excellence

The Performance Measurement Forum aims to help measure, benchmark, understand and improve project performance. All answers will be anonymised, and we work with CE and will report back on the findings.