Are you being served?

What more can CEWales do for members and the industry? We are now actively promoting the ‘commissions’ services to make sure CEWales drive tangible, long term results that drive positive change in Welsh construction.

Constructing Excellence in Wales is offering services focused on generating meaningful, long term results that back up the work the organisation does influencing decision-makers across the country so that they understand the value construction can deliver.

We have been doing this type of work for a while, but not publicised it widely. So now we want to make sure people understand what we mean by a ‘commissions’ offer.

Anyone from across the Welsh built environment supply chain can commission CEWales to work with you and we advise, intervene, support and we deliver results to ensure that together we build a Wales that is fit for future generations.

It is a given that CEWales works with Welsh Government and decision-makers across the country to help them understand the value construction can deliver. We make the case for collaborative project delivery. We use our influence and knowledge to help shift the focus away from short-term gain towards long-term good. Everything we do is geared towards promoting best value, progressive waste strategies, low carbon, and community benefits. The aim is to build a Wales that is fit for future generations, construction needs an objective champion to speak with a single united voice for the whole supply chain.

One way that we seek to achieve these outcomes – all aligned with the goals and targets of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (WFG) Act – is through commissioned work. These commissions will supplement our membership income and enable us to be more active across our broad policy agenda.

CEWales has undertaken a number of reviews of construction frameworks and provided enhanced visibility of the forward pipeline of work, particularly for local authority programmes. The Exemplar process, assessing projects and aimed at demonstrating excellence, now forms part of this commissioned work. The approach has also been updated to incorporate the goals and principles of the WFG Act and other policy areas and is available either on a project or programme basis.

We want to support Welsh construction with any challenges it faces that fall within the broad mission of improving ‘best value’ construction procurement and delivery. Right now, our work focusses on –

  • Construction frameworks- review and/or support
  • Pipeline – development of greater visibility
  • Exemplar – projects or programmes
  • WFG Act – development of FG project directory
  • Industry-wide consultations

Contact us and discuss what we can do for you and your projects. Build back better, be part of the future. Engage with us by emailing us at or call on 029 2049 3322