Are You Backing CEWales?

One of the best ways to influence change is to work alongside the biggest influencer within the Built Environment supply chain in Wales. So why not become a sponsor, commission research or be a named partner on a radical industry leading project?

Constructing Excellence in Wales is the united voice of Welsh construction, representing every part of the supply chain. We are independent, self-funding and not for profit.

We want to create a Welsh Built Environment that is fit for future generations. To deliver that vision construction needs an objective champion to speak with a single united voice for the whole supply chain. That is the role of CEWales. To ensure Government and decision-makers across the country understand the value construction can deliver. To make the case for collaborative project delivery. To shift the focus away from short-term gain towards long-term good. To promote best value, progressive waste strategies, low carbon and community benefits.

Why work with us? We need partners. CEWales aim to achieve increasing levels of collaboration between the public and private sectors to overcome issues that restrict the growth of construction. The industry makes a huge contribution to Wales, generating around 10 of the country’s GDP (source: Welsh Government). Perhaps, more importantly, it drives the wider economy due to the impact construction investment has on other sectors. To achieve a growing, profitable and commercially sustainable industry, we need to see greater levels of competitiveness, efficiency and productivity from our businesses. We want to see a culture where businesses are more opportunity focused, innovative and collaborative. That’s why we need to work with organisations like yours. We see sponsors as partners, building an alliance and driving collaborative best practice.

As a sponsor, you become a key stakeholder in one of the most dynamic and important economic sectors in the Welsh economy and you are working with the voice of the industry – encouraging the construction sector to modernise and embrace systems, technology and create a legacy for future generations.

Your brand would be seen by 6,500 stakeholders online and in print though regular PR updates, newsletters and events. In 2017 and 2018 CEWales ran over 1,500 hours of events – educating, informing and challenging 1,942 delegates at over 50 events.

Every local authority in Wales is a member of CEWales; we talk direct to Government advisors and politicians and via our work with the CE National organisation lobby UK policymakers in Westminster and Whitehall.

Our showpiece event of the year is the annual CEW Awards. With over 90 entries from organisations across Wales and 600 guests attending the ceremony at the Celtic Manor it is the largest event of its type in Wales.

How do you become a sponsor? We can offer a range of packages at our CEW Awards, bespoke events, our breakfast meetings or our specific workshops with the Future Generations Commission. Or we can discuss creating bespoke projects and research programmes backed by your organisation.