Announcing a New Strategy Document: Constructing for Future Generations

Welsh construction has a legal and moral responsibility to create and deliver a built environment for Wales that is fit for future generations and it can do so by adhering to sustainable development goals – here is how

The Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough, UK Government carbon targets and the legal imperative of the Well-being of Future Generations Act together send a powerful message.

The construction industry, its clients and supply chain, must change if it is to deliver a built environment fit for future generations. Failure to adapt is not an option. Constructing Excellence Wales, together with the industry, is leading the campaign to bring about real change alongside the office of the Future Generations Commissioner. And it is why we have made a commitment by publishing our intentions in a new paper: Constructing for Future Generations.

Welsh construction and the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 (WFG Act) are intrinsically linked. The Act is all about providing a built environment fit for future generations – and who better to deliver it than the Welsh construction industry? Yet many in our sector do not appreciate that the new legislative climate requires us to change and adapt.

Everyone involved in construction needs to understand how everything they do is connected to the WFG Act and achievement of the seven well-being goals outlined in the legislation. Through the building of homes, schools, hospitals and infrastructure, the industry has a huge impact on every aspect of people's lives. That means construction has no choice but to align itself with the objectives of the Act. If we are to play our part in making Wales a world-class economy with a sustainable built environment, it's our legal, moral and ethical duty to do it.

Our Constructing for Future Generations document is a statement of intent. Published in association with the office of the Future Generations Commissioner (OFG), it's a first step. A line in the sand. CE Wales is the only organisation able to pull all elements of Welsh construction together to embrace and deliver the government's goals as defined by the Act. Following a series of workshops and a conference in January 2019, we have begun our journey towards Construction for Future Generations. A quote from Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commssioner is show below:

"I welcome Constructing Excellence Wales' announcement of their 'statement of intent' regarding construction for future generations. It is encouraging to see CEW and the construction sector voluntarily embracing the Well-being of Future Generations Act; working together to provide a built environment fit for future generations. The public sector in Wales is the single biggest construction client, worth an average of up to £5 billion a year. There is huge potential in this statement, recognising what the construction industry can do to achieve the well-being goals and I look forward to seeing progress from the industry."

We'll update you further via our website and a series of specific CEWales Future Generations publications and conferences.

What can you do? Read our Constructing for Future Generations document. Share it. Commit to nurturing our planet and ensuring that our people and communities can flourish. Then, if you want to help shape the vision for our industry and create a Wales fit for future generations, join us. Visit and check out