"Where’s my order?" - How real time transparency will transform supply chain efficiency

16 Jul
Friday 16th July 2021


Attendees will learn more about Digital Process Improvement, and Why it's important to adapt to Change - from here we will provide information on the Glass Factory® App, what it can do and the benefits it provides not only to you, but to your customers too

Where are the pain points and bottlenecks within your current process? Do you know where your materials order is? Do you know when your products are arriving? If this sounds like a familiar headache, then you need to find out about Glass Factory® App and the benefits it can bring to your site... In this presentation, attendees will gain useful insight into digitalisation of supply chains from HanaTech Ltd: Our mission is to raise the level of digitalisation within the Industrial sectors, One Quick win at a Time. We ask the question, could we transform the Construction Industry with our award nominated quick win by providing real time insights, order status updates and full transparency in to sub-contractor supply chains? And what can we learn from other industries in an increasingly Digital World?


MD - Founder and Business Transformation Consultant at HanaTech, Hana specialises in Digital Transformation, Continuous Improvement and Change Management. With over 15 years industry experience progressing to senior management positions and a background in manufacturing engineering, Hana is passionate to support the success of the local industrial sectors: One factory and One Quick Win at a Time!