What are the barriers to quality in Construction Projects?

24 Jul
Friday 24th July 2020

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The focus on quality in construction projects has never been more relevant particularly since the Hackett report was published in May 2018. This current focus on quality is nothing new, the Egon report published in 1998 (Rethinking Construction) also focused on quality in the construction industry and was seen as the catalyst for change.

This webinar will focus on the key factors that Julie believes positively impact quality in construction projects together with discussing the barriers that hinder performance.


Speaker: Julie Bell-Barker

Head of Capital Projects and Compliance & Maintenance

City of Wolverhampton Council

Julie has over 30 year’s experience in the construction project delivery service, working initially in a consultancy (Architect/PM) and then later moving into a number of client side project commissioning roles.
She is currently Head of Capital Projects and Compliance & Maintenance at the City of Wolverhampton Council. She also sit on the Quality & Compliance Forum that is delivered through CE Midlands together with sitting on the CE Midland Board.
Her experience at being exposed to a cross diversity of construction project challenges has led me to focus and embed quality mechanisms into the project life cycle stages, extending through into the building occupation period. Understanding the challenges in construction projects together with the project opportunities is important in managing the risks that impact on quality, particular once the building moves into occupation.