ISG Event - Creating sustainable educational estates; the time to act is now. How ready are you?

26 May
Wednesday 26th May 2021

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The built environment has a critical role to play. Accounting for a quarter of all CO2 emissions, we need to reduce building energy consumption by over 80% if we are to reach zero-carbon targets.

So where are we now? ISG’s Sustainable Buildings Monitor provides data on emissions produced by the operation of commercial buildings. By understanding the data, we can better support regions and sectors in cutting their emissions, delivering solutions to champion energy efficiency and take radical steps towards a sustainable legacy for our cities, towns and communities.

The findings highlight that education estates have some work to do. The sector is responsible for 2.1% of non-domestic building stock in the UK, but accounts for 5.7% of non-domestic energy use.

In this webinar, our panel of sector specialists will discuss some of the initiatives already underway to address these figures, and what else needs to be done to meet net zero targets, ensuring that present and future generations can benefit from educational spaces that truly perform.

Event details:

Date: Wednesday 26 May 2021

Time: 11:00-12:15

Our chair Jane O’Leary, ISG’s strategic advisor for education, will be joined by an exciting panel of industry-leading sustainability experts. Meet our speakers below:

Neal O’Leary

Programme Director, 21st Century Schools and Colleges

Neal is responsible for the leadership and management of all infrastructure investment for education in Wales, and has a deep-rooted passion for the delivery of sustainable buildings for future generations. In his previous role heading up Cadw’s 'Properties in Care', Neal developed and implemented a strategy that resulted in a 43% reduction in carbon emissions across 130 historic sites (2010-2019), while visitor numbers and income generation reached record numbers.


Jane O’Leary

Strategic Advisor for Education, ISG

With more than 30 years in the construction industry, Jane was a driving force behind the Vale of Glamorgan’s 21 Century Schools programme, leading the team as they innovated and developed the model that is now the blueprint for schools delivered across the county.


Peter Kelly

Group Director of Sustainable Operations, ISG

With an analytical approach to sustainability, Peter is part of the team leading ISG’s sustainability strategy, encompassing net zero carbon, circular economy, social value and environmental enhancement. He works across the business to develop and implement new and innovative techniques to ensure ISG delivers industry-leading sustainable solutions.