Public Health Wales – ‘Our Space Programme’ – CEW Award Winners

02 Feb
Friday 2nd February 2018
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In 2016 Public Health Wales NHS Trust relocated 550+ professional, technical and administrative staff from nine offices in South East Wales to a new build in a regeneration zone in Cardiff.  This project has raised the bar for public sector building refurbishment projects. 

It has demonstrated that by working differently with smaller, local businesses – including social enterprise – high quality results can be achieved.  It shows that existing procurement processes can work if effort is applied and it provides a large scale visual reminder of what ordinary folk can achieve!

Visitors to the building who see the results and hear the story are blown away and are sufficiently ‘infected’ to apply this locally. This blend of storytelling with numbers could be rolled out further and it is now your opportunity to view the premises and hear all about the project from the team who were last year’s Value category winners at the CEW Awards.

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