Going Beyond the Redline: Making Active Travel Work

04 Mar
Thursday 4th March 2021
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When we build a new school, hospital or housing development or create a new station the development

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When we build a new school, hospital or housing development or create a new station the developmentwill only truly succeed if it is connected to the community it serves. That means making sure active travel is at the core of the project. It means understanding the critical role that the transport infrastructure sector plays in promoting healthy and active lives. Done right integrated infrastructure planning can promote active lifestyles and creates active, social places. Everything we build in Wales – not just public sector projects – should be delivered with the health and wellbeing of the communities in mind. But to do it right, designers, planners and construction supply chains must think, plan, design and build beyond the boundary of a scheme – we need to go beyond the red line.

The Welsh Government has made clear its desire for a modern, connected infrastructure that supports wellbeing and a sustainable environment – and transport plays a key role. The Well-being of Future Generations Act, the Active Travel (Wales) Act and the revised Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance (WelTAG) all send the same message: Wales must work towards transport solutions that support the wellbeing of people and planet.

How do we achieve these goals? It’s critical that construction organisations and their clients understand the importance of active travel and how to apply it to their work. This CEWales webinar on 4th March will highlight the goals of the Active Travel Act and its new guidance. We will hear from Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport, the experiences of Swansea Council and Sustrans will discuss walking and cycling network models to encourage a healthier, more active lifestyle using well planned Active Travel networks. The webinar will point to ideas and lessons learned that help to deliver work beyond the red line of developments to connect our communities and create active, social places. If you're a public or private sector client or a contractor, designer or consultant involved in schemes that need to connect to communities to promote healthy and active lives then please register for the event at 12pm on 4 March.

Speakers include:

Lee Waters MS, Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport

Chris Roberts, Secretary, Cross Party Group on the Active Travel Act

Gwen Thomas, The Network Development & Partnerships Manager , Sustrans

Adrian Lord, Associate Director, Phil Jones Associates

David Hughes, Principal Engineer, City and County of Swansea

This webinar will be run using Zoom or Teams, a link will be sent closer to the date.

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