CIWEM: Greener Grangetown

05 Oct
Wednesday 5th October 2016
Faculty Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University, Trevithick Building, CF24 3AA

Speakers: Catherine Wenger, Chris Ellis and Juan Dominguez, Arup and Ian Titherington, Cardiff Council  

Greener Grangetown is a sustainable drainage scheme located in an existing urban area of Cardiff, South Wales. The design maximises the use of green infrastructure to future proof the drainage network; providing climate change resilience whilst also delivering enhanced public spaces, promoting sustainable travel, and improving ecology. An integrated approach to drainage design stems from a unique collaborative funding structure and has continued through community and stakeholder engagement. Public consultation involved the residents in the design of their streets, and in parallel with continued engagement and education is encouraging a behavioural change towards sustainable living.

This presentation will firstly provide background to the scheme, but will then focus on the journey through detailed civil and landscape design. The project has involved a number of design groups working collaboratively to ensure the end product generates a full, diverse range of benefits. The design team were able to reflect on previous projects, picking out key lessons learnt and ensuring the drainage systems are as effective and appealing as possible. The presentation will also pick up on many of the technical challenges faced in retrofitting green infrastructure. Note this event has been organised by ICE Cymru (supported by CIWEM and LIW)

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