Sprinkler Training – Additional breakfast event in Cardiff

04 Dec
Friday 4th December 2015
8.00am registration – 8.30am start
£72 (Including VAT)

From 1st January 2016, it is a legal requirement in Wales for all new residential properties to have sprinkler systems installed (it is already a requirement for ‘high risk’ properties such as care homes). Whilst an impending requirement, there is little detailed technical awareness in the industry of what this means in terms of design and implementation for developers, designers and consultants both during design and the delivery of the homes on site.

BRE have provided expert support for Welsh Government in their development and implementation of the legislation through in-house experts in the field of sprinklers, and are currently engaged (separately to this) in producing a study of pilot installations of sprinklers being undertaken across Wales.

This training seminar, presented by CEW and RSAW, will recognise the need to the construction industry in Wales to be better equipped to address the imminent legal requirement for sprinklers in all new residential properties. A ‘summary sheet’ will be made available to highlight the core issues and steps that developers and design teams need to be aware of.

The seminars, and associated summary sheet, would cover:

1. The actual legal requirement

2. What property types the sprinkler legislation applies to and the transitional arrangements

3. The typical approaches for meeting the legal requirements (relevant British Standards, mains versus storage systems)

4. Design considerations for effectively integrating sprinklers into new dwellings

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