Design for Deconstruction: What happens to your building at the end of its life?

14 Oct
Tuesday 14th October 2014
8am registration, 8.30am start – 9.30am finish
Future Inns, Hemmingway Road, Cardiff CF10 4AU

Download:  Design 4 Deconstruction Feasibility Study 2014

What happens to a building at the end of its life? What happens to the building materials? Do you care about the long term implications?

If you are interested in the deconstruction of a building and its impact on the wider environment come and join us at our breakfast event on Design for Deconstruction.

Design for Deconstruction (D4D) is a desire of Welsh Government to push waste up the hierarchy and increase the reuse of materials. In response to this we have produced a feasibility report on D4D. The report was informed by topic research and industry feedback via the analysis of existing literature and interactive workshops. Key topics include the potential implementation of tax incentives and carbon credits into construction projects and the potential for increased education and training regimes.

We would like to use this event to share these ideas with the broader construction industry. The event will consist of a short presentation followed by a facilitated discussion. We will use this discussion to determine the feasibility of the D4D principle.

Can this be implemented in construction practice? Or are we wasting our time?

We want to know what you think.

How to Book: To reserve your place please email CEWales Events stating your full contact details and the names of all delegates wishing to attend. Substitution of delegates can be made at any time.

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