Biobased materials for the construction industry using Welsh natural resources

28 Nov
Thursday 28th November 2013
8.30am – 12pm
Neuadd Reichel, Ffriddoedd Road, Bangor

Download: Biobased materials for the construction industry – Seminar Overview – English
Download: Agenda – English
Download: Biobased materials for the construction industry – Seminar Overview – Welsh
Download: Agenda – Welsh

A half day seminar on sustainable building products hosted by BEACON and the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

BEACON and The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) invites you to participate in a workshop for sustainable materials for the construction industry using Welsh natural resources. The workshop will be held at the Neuadd Reichel , Bangor University on 28 November 2013.

The opportunity to produce a range of diverse and higher value products from Welsh natural resources is vast. There are numerous consumer and industrial products that can be made with inputs derived from natural resources. These include textiles, cosmetics, bio-plastics, composite roofing slates and natural fibre insulation.

Forests and natural resources in Wales provide an opportunity to develop innovative and sustainable products for the construction industry in Wales. This workshop will focus on how to maximize the value from wood fibre and other natural resources in Wales for new sustainable bio-products and bio-materials. Natural resource companies are looking at developing and investing in new products but this requires research and development and adopting new technology and processes at their existing facilities. Associated risks include scale-up and investment risk. These risks need to be mitigated as much as possible. BEACON and the unique facility at Mona on Anglesey can help companies reduce their risk significantly. Delegates will hear from academic and industry experts about:

• The opportunity for Wales – utilizing Welsh natural resources for sustainable products

• Key success factors for sustainable product projects

• The challenges and various risks that are encountered

• ASBP – A consortium approach: How natural resource companies can be important partners in the development of sustainable products and the value chains that support them.

• BEACON project, scale-up facilities in helping reduce project risk – afternoon site visit

Attending this workshop will broaden your knowledge of sustainable building products for the construction industry; learn about new product development and how collaborating with the BEACON projects can help reduce project risk.

There will also be an afternoon tour to the BioProducts and BioRefining Technology transfer Centre, Mona, Anglesey which investigates the conversion of biomass to a range of products at pilot scale and includes a unique pilot plant for the conversion of wood biomass into fibre for MDF and a range of insulation products.

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