A Talk on BIM (Building Information Modelling) – Cardiff

16 Mar
Friday 16th March 2012
Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay

Following the announcement on Building.co.uk that ‘All government projects to use BIM within five years’, the CIOB Novus Wales Team are delighted to be holding an introductory evening into Building Information Modelling.

Construction projects involve a complex set of relationships, between parties with different professional backgrounds trying to achieve avery complex goal. Under these difficult circumstances, the quality of information on which projects are based should be of the highest possible standard. The line-based, two dimensional drawings on which conventional construction is based render this all but impossible. This is the source of some major shortcomings in the construction industry, and this presentation focuses on the two most fundamental of these: the failure to deliver projects predictably, to there required quality, on time and within budget; and the failure of most firms in the industry to make a survivable level of profit. By transforming the quality of information used in building, BIM will transform construction completely

Speaker: Jason Burk, ARUP

Contact person: Vicky Coxon -Contact email:


Tel: 0845 0706141

For further information: http://www.ciob.org.uk/events/talk-bim-building-information-modelling