CIWEM Welsh Branch Carbon Capture & Storage / Wales Low Zero Carbon Hub (WLZCH) – Cardiff

15 Feb
Wednesday 15th February 2012
5.30pm refreshments (6pm start and 7.15pm finish)
Room T2.09, Faculty Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University, Trevithick Building, Cardiff CF24 3AA

We would like to invite you to join us for a joint evening of presentations on Carbon Capture and Storage, followed by an introduction to the Low Zero Carbon Hub.

Speakers: Dr Matthew Turner (Cardiff University) – Carbon Capture
Sally Sudworth, Director – WLZCH

Session 1: Carbon Capture and Storage (6pm till 6:35pm)
The increase in global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations since the industrial revolution is widely accepted as being the main contributor to the recently observed rises in global temperatures. If carbon emissions are continued to be released into the global atmosphere it is believed that this will lead to catastrophic impacts to the world we live in today including decreased crop yields, mass migration leading from sea level rises, increased storm intensities, mass plant and animal extinctions and increasing global conflicts to name a few.

One proposed method of reducing carbon emissions is a technology known as carbon capture and storage (CCS). Carbon emissions are captured from large scale point source emitters, such as power stations and industrial plants compressed and transported to suitable sites for storage deep in the sub-surface in a variety of different geological settings. The technology is interesting as it allows the continued usage of existing fossil based systems, with reduced carbon emissions as a bridge until a more sustainable energy source can be found.

This talk introduces the various options available for the capture of carbon dioxide, from pre or post combustion capture together with some more novel ideas under investigation today. The  various geological storage options are then discussed together with locations around the globe where this technology is currently being employed. The economic implications for CCS are also introduced to summarise the impact the technology might have on domestic energy prices. Finally the various storage options available to Wales are considered with a brief summary of some of the work being undertaken at Cardiff University.

Dr Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner PhD Bsc (hons) FGS works as a Senior Research Associate at the Geoenvironmental Research Centre, Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University.

Session 2: Wales Low Zero Carbon Hub (6:35pm till 7.10pm)
Created in 2009, the Wales Low Zero Carbon Hub objective is to help reduce carbon emissions from the built environment (with a target of 3% reduction year on year). Five work streams have been set up to look at various sectors including 

  • Residential New buildings  
  • Residential Existing buildings  
  • Non domestic buildings  
  • Skills & Training  
  • Sustainable Living  

The WLZCH has been busy working with partners in industry and delivering projects contributing to a low carbon future. Come along for a progress report, find out more about how you can get involved and see what’s in it for you.

The WLZCH is part of Constructing Excellence in Wales. Constructing Excellence in Wales » Low/Zero Carbon Hub

Sally Sudworth
Director for Wales Low Zero Carbon Hub

Responsible for delivering 3% reduction on CO2 emissions year on year in Wales 

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