Water Carbon Conundrum – Cardiff

07 Sep
Wednesday 7th September 2011
Cardiff University

Water is a key medium through which we feel the impacts of climate change as well as a key driver through emissions from supply, use and disposal. Water and energy are clearly linked, however these policy areas have evolved separately in the UK and internationally. Heating hot water in the home (excluding central heating) accounts for 3% of annual carbon dioxide emissions in Wales (5% for the UK – equivalent to aviation). This correlates with findings from Australia, the USA and Canada.

A 50-80% reduction in natural summer river flows is predicted for Wales by the 2050s. We face further pressure with 200,000 new homes by 2025 and 80% of existing less-efficient homes remaining by 2050. The carbon emission mitigation potential of combined water and energy efficiency can enable adaptation responses through cost effective delivery of water efficiency using existing energy programmes. The challenge of integrating policy and programmes on water and energy efficiency in Wales, actions taken through pilot projects and case studies are discussed. Future options and the implications of combined water and energy efficiency are presented.

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The presentation will start at 6pm. Refreshments provided from 5.30pm (first come first served basis). This event is free and all welcome to attend.

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