SUSREF Workshop – Bangor

05 Dec
Monday 5th December 2011
10.30am – 5pm – Lunch included
Technium CAST, Menai Business Park

Are you a policy maker, designer, specifier, housing manager, manufacturer, supplier, or contractor involved in housing renovation?

Are you unsure of the optimum way to upgrade the external walls to improve their thermal efficiency?

If so, you are invited to a workshop to test the SUSREF method of assessing existing external walls

Places limited to a maximum of 35

Participants names (with company name, phone number, e-mail address) must be registered by noon on Thursday 1st December 2011with Frances Voelcker, Sustainable Gwynedd Gynaladwy

(If a name has been registered and fails to attend, a charge of £15 will be made for non-attendance)   

Further information

SUSREF (SUStainable REFurbishment of external walls of existing dwellings) is an FP7-funded research project involving Wales, Finland, Norway, Spain and Estonia, to develop a systematic method of assessing existing external walls to decide the optimum way of refurbishing them to improve energy efficiency.

The partners in Wales are BRE-Wales (Swansea)
Welsh School of Architecture (Cardiff University)
Sustainable Gwynedd Gynaladwy


The SUSREF research project has been running since 1 Oct 2009 and will finish 30 April 2012. One of the last work-packages of the project, led by BRE-Wales, is to develop and test the prototype assessment method with practitioners.  

Each participating nation will hold at least one workshop to test the assessment method. As the partnership in Wales has focussed on solid stone walls, and field monitoring of before and after upgrades has/ is being carried out in five properties in North Wales, BRE-Wales has asked SGG to find a venue so that practitioners in the North can take part in a workshop to test and improve the method. Another workshop will be held in South Wales.