Exemplar Programme – What is it: How do we get involved? – Ewloe

20 May
Friday 20th May 2011
£30 plus VAT for members and £35 plus VAT for non members

Following the Ministerial launch of the Exemplar Programme on 9th March 2011, CE Wales and BRE Wales are holding regional workshops to explain how the programme works in more detail.

Lasting approx 2 hours, these workshops are for those involved in projects who are interested in participating in the programme, and will explain the process in more detail using the pilot exemplars as practical examples.

What are Exemplars?

Building on the success of the Demonstration Project Programme, the Exemplar Programme combines the core principles of Rethinking Construction and the Low/Zero Carbon Sustainable Construction Agenda in an exciting new initiative.

An ‘Exemplar’ is defined as ‘something worthy of being imitated or copied’ and this is exactly what we are seeking to achieve with this programme.

Exemplars are intended to be good practical examples of how to achieve Best Value Sustainable Construction solutions.

They will be able to provide the industry with ‘hands on’ information and data not only with what has been achieved but also and more importantly how this was done starting from option appraisal stage all the way through to post occupancy.

More information on the Exemplar programme is available at www.exemplar.org.uk

The charge for the event is £30 plus VAT for club members and £35 plus VAT for non club members, and you must register with us in advance 

How to book: To reserve your place please reply to cewalesevents@cewales.org.uk stating your full contact details and the names of all delegates wishing to attend. Substitution of delegates can be made at any time.

Non-attendance by any registered delegate will be charged in full unless you informed us by Tuesday 17th May.