Building Information Modelling and the Future – Cardiff

03 Mar
Thursday 3rd March 2011
£60 plus VAT

Building Information Modelling, or BIM, can be a daunting term. In a nutshell however, it is simply a tool to generate and manage building data during its life cycle. It uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modelling software, to increase productivity in building design and construction.

BIM works by enabling consultants to organise the information surrounding a building project, by entering all the building’s details into databases. This data transforms the design into a virtual construction model, giving designers the ability to accurately anticipate the project’s construction from start to finish. It is also vital tool to help the client understand how the building will work, how it will feel, and how it fits together. Not just what it looks like, which is largely the case at present.

It may be a pain or the answer to your prayers but whatever your position the profession needs to know more about how BIM is evolving in the construction industry.

This half day seminar will include:

  • How BIM is being supported and encouraged by the Government
  • Who the leading practitioners are and why they are using it
  • An explanation of the different levels of BIM – demystifying the half truths
  • Why clients want it
  • The advantages and opportunities presented by BIM
  • An interactive session and demonstration by a leading architectural practice
  • Overcoming (or at least recognising) the contractual barriers.

To reserve your place please reply to stating your full contact details and the names of all delegates wishing to attend. Substitution of delegates can be made at any time.