Ty Gwyn Special School and Ty Storrie – Peer Review

30 Sep
Wednesday 30th September 2009
8am – 10.30am
£40 (plus Vat)

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A ‘Peer Review’ for the Constructing Excellence in Wales Demonstration Programme

Tŷ Gwyn Special School and Ty Storrie accommodates some of Cardiff’s most severely disabled pupils, including children with multiple disabilities.  The existing school is in poor physical condition with small and inadequate teaching areas and inefficient services. The premises in Cyncoed, Cardiff were initially used as a Health Service Training Centre and so were not provided as a purpose-built school. They do not meet current DFES standards for size or appropriateness of facilities. It is not considered feasible or cost effective to try to improve or adapt the buildings and it is regarded as essential to provide totally new premises which will include the range of facilities necessary to meet modern educational requirements for these children.

The project is participating in the Demonstration Programme for Wales, designed to promote Best Practice and innovation in construction through a wide ranging programme of projects and initiatives throughout Wales.

Come and hear from the project team on the challenges faced in constructing such a facility. You will have opportunities to participate in the discussion and provide your own ‘review’ or assessment of the project via a simple scoring mechanism.  This provides a valuable stage in the process of a project becoming a ‘demonstration’.

The new Special School is now under construction within the grounds of Woodlands Special School, Ely, Cardiff which is already in the council’s ownership. The development comprises a new Special School & Respite Care Facility and has been designed to create a ‘campus concept’ making positive planning connections with the existing Special Schools on the site (Riverbank & Woodlands) The orientation of the new building and location of the car park has been positioned to reinforce and encourage the potential for shared use and a coherent campus layout.

The New School has been designed as a single storey building giving priority to the needs of the majority of children who are dependant on wheelchairs. This focus has been fundamental when designing the internal and external spaces. Generous allocation of space has been important to facilitate appropriate wheelchair circulation throughout the school. The ambience of the internal spaces has been important to provide spaces that are sensitive to the special needs of the pupils. This has required particular consideration to the provision of natural light, natural ventilation, comfort levels, colour scheme, openness of spaces, views to outside landscaping.

The wide range of facilities provided in the new school such as Hydrotherapy, Touch Therapy, Sensory Gardens, Adaptive Technology Centre, Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, all reflect the very specialised nature of contemporary methods of support and stimulation required by these children. The Nursing facilities and medical support areas have been designed in collaboration with the Local Health Board who provide health care support to the school. The school and Respite Care Facility has been designed to meet stringent construction standards achieving accreditation as ‘BREEAM Excellent’ and ‘Secured by Design’.

The Respite Care facility has been designed for ‘Children Services’ as a two storey development. Consistent with similar projects, bedroom accommodation is located on the First Floor with living accommodation on the ground floor.

The contractor for this project Cowlin Construction Ltd is currently on site with the development and is working towards completion by July 2010. The overall contract value is approx £14m. The Project has been designed and Project Managed in-house by Cardiff County Council, Projects Design & Development Service Area, and has been let as a ‘Design & Build Contract’

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