Constructing Excellence in Wales

Welcome to the Constructing Excellence in Wales website.

Our aim is to improve the performance of the construction industry in Wales and add value through the promotion and sharing of best practices based on collaborative working and integrated teams.

Our vision is that the principles of Rethinking Construction become mainstream industry practices.

Our three key work streams are:


Welsh Local Authorities Seeking Improvements in C21st School Design

Last week almost 60 local authority officers from across Wales met as part of the CLAW Design Group led by Mike Gwyther- Jones of Cardiff County Council to discuss the opportunities and challenges offered through “template” school designs.

We’re all aware of the forward challenges facing the public sector in Wales and the wider UK. The demand for “more for less” couldn’t be more evident than in the education sector in Wales and particularly the challenges facing the Welsh Government’s C21st Schools Improvement Programme.

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Too Low for Zero?

Climate change is a topic that is often quite confusing, sometimes divisive and always earnestly debated whether by pundits in the media, politicians, scientists or by architects and designers, construction professionals and facilities managers. Everyone has a different view, but almost all agree – especially within the construction supply chain – that minimising carbon emissions is a good thing. Perhaps the question should be less about why reduce carbon, but more around how much to cut and how much of an investment needs to be made. Too many in the construction industry see the carbon reduction targets set by Welsh Government as cost prohibitive barriers.

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Rewarding Best Practice Procurement

Sometimes procurement is regarded as a dirty word in the built environment, but particularly in support services. When it is done poorly projects can go badly and many issues rear their head further down the line. But, when procurement is done well, especially if it is delivered as a collaborative project as on so many of our CEW Awards then it reaps huge dividends for all concerned – particularly in terms of economic, environmental and social benefits.

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