Constructing Excellence in Wales

Welcome to the Constructing Excellence in Wales website.

Our aim is to improve the performance of the construction industry in Wales and add value through the promotion and sharing of best practices based on collaborative working and integrated teams.

Our vision is that the principles of Rethinking Construction become mainstream industry practices.

Our three key work streams are:


Is Construction Waste going in the Right Direction?

Wales leads the way in the management of construction waste in the UK, but we need to prove it and we need organisations to commit and sign up for the Green Compass scheme, waste is a big bug bear nowadays.

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Design for Deconstruction (D4D) Feasibility Study

Design for Deconstruction (D4D) is an ambition of Welsh Government to push waste up the hierarchy and increase the reuse of materials. In response to this we have produced a feasibility report on D4D for the industry in Wales.

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Nuclear Power on The Horizon For Anglesey?

The idea of a new nuclear power station on Anglesey, Wylfa Newydd, has been an open secret in the Welsh construction industry for some time. The prospect alone has been exciting, but if it does finally begin on site the potential for our industry is enormous. Hence it is important to ensure the project is pursued in the right manner – which for CEW means via a collaborative procurement route.

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