The Young Ones

G4C Wales continues to be setting the agenda for Welsh construction and firing up the barbecue.

5th August 2015

G4C Wales held its summer barbecue last Thursday at Mochyn Ddu in Cardiff. Unlike other construction events, this was a relaxed, upbeat affair with over 50 guests who between them raised £235 for the CEW nominated charity ‘EFOD’ and debated some of the key issues stirred up by Government announcements regarding construction.

G4C Wales is important because its 415 members in Wales represent the future of the sector – their ideas, passion and desire to challenge conventional thinking will add an edge to best practice and the concept of delivering value. So it was great to hear from chair of G4C Wales, Andrew Gibson, about the latest thoughts around the manifesto for Welsh construction.

G4C Wales committed to build a construction industry in Wales that leads the rest of the UK and beyond. An effective construction sector in Wales will drive transformational change in the country, in its economy and generate jobs and create the infrastructure required to take the nation forward. But we need a plan – we need a manifesto to present to Welsh Government.

The emerging professionals in Welsh construction have been working with Constructing Excellence in Wales to take forward the ideas shared at various events and workshops to create a guideline and plan to share with Welsh Government.

There are five themes comprising the G4C manifesto for Welsh construction

•Skills & trades
•Wales USP

The ultimate goal is to draft a manifesto and then influence policy to establish a future where G4C and other construction professionals can work with Welsh Government to

•Create a vision for the built environment of Wales with sustainability at its heart
•Set up the structures, funding and incentives to achieve it
•Demonstrate a clear commitment to investing in the built environment to achieve social, economic and environmental benefits

It looks like we’re nearly there. To become involved please call 02920 493322 or email to register or click here to visit the G4C Wales website to find out more details.