Yes, Minister?

The Welsh Government is currently recruiting members to the Building Regulations Advisory Committee for Wales (BRACW). It could be you?


Welsh Ministers have a duty to appoint a Building Regulations Advisory Committee for Wales for the purpose of advising Welsh Ministers on the exercise of their power to make building regulations and on other subjects connected with building regulations. Welsh Ministers have a statutory duty to consult it (and other relevant bodies) before making building regulations that contain substantive requirements.

Supported by the existing members of the committee, individuals will have the opportunity to contribute and advise the Welsh Ministers on the making and amending of building regulations, provide views on all relevant policy, technical and other related matters in Wales.  Members are appointed on a voluntary independent basis to represent particular areas/fields of expertise and experience.

Below is the link to the vacancies on the Welsh Government website and English and Welsh versions of the advertisement which I would be grateful if you could circulate to your members or include the details in any newsletter or on your website. 

Potential applicants wishing to have an informal conversation about any matter relating to the committee should contact: Francois Samuel, Head of Building Regulations Policy, Tel 0300 062 8232