Which Construction Summit?

The Midlands Construction Summit is set to return to Coventry Ricoh Arena on the 27 September 2016. For the first time, the Summit will take place alongside the Midlands Construction Expo.

13th July 2016

The Summit will be tackling issues around the future of the UK construction industry whilst focusing on three intrinsically linked key themes: Image, Skillsand Productivity. After the recent Brexit vote, the construction industry is facing considerably uncertain times which is projecting the importance of facing and tackling the issues within the industry. The Midlands Construction Summit will be tackling these themes and exploring how the industry can approach and resolve the pressing issues through an array of guest speakers, including keynote speaker Adrian Belton, Chief Executive of CITB. By attending the Summit, you will be provided with ways to future proof your business.

It will also form an outstanding networking opportunity with many of the construction sector’s most influential leaders in attendance. In turn, forming a stronger and more well connected construction industry within the Midlands.

The Brexit vote has evoked concern within the industry with it being viewed as a turning point for Britain. Most worryingly for the industry is the effect of migration, or therefore lack of, after the Brexit vote. The industry’s work force is currently made up of 25% EU migrants according to the Builders Merchant Building Index which could have devastating effects on productivity within the industry.

The link between use of traditional construction methods and poor productivity within the construction industry is widely acknowledged. Build Off Site have reported that given the complexity of a building site and the unpredictable weather patterns in the UK, building site productivity runs at around 50%. Put in simple terms, this means for every pound of capital, only 50p will be secured in investment value.

Construction technology is seeing a major upturn from traditional methods and is moving towards offsite solutions. Architects, manufacturers and software developers are transforming the 21st century building industry with the use of computer aided design, producing prefabricated panel systems and modular volumetric construction – designed and planned using Building Information Modelling – bringing construction into a new collaborative technical era. The advantages of prefabricated building methods heighten the level of accuracy and speed up the building process, allowing less room for error, a reduction in wastage, fewer delays from the weather and therefore a far more productive building site.

The efficiencies of offsite go a long way to upturn not only the productivity but also the stereotyped image of the industry. But now the industry has to unite to change perceptions and promote the wealth of career opportunities to attract fresh young talent to shape our townscapes and city skylines – maximising technical innovations, to ensure the industry is future proofed and future ready.

At the Midlands Construction Summit27 September 2016 at the Ricoh Arena Coventry industry leaders and guest speakers, including Adrian Belton, will gather together to confront issues surrounding the productivity of the industry and inspire you with ways to future proof your business.

Tickets cost just £95 plus vat and include; entry into the Midlands Construction Summit, entry into the Midlands Construction Expo, parking, lunch and refreshments throughout.

For more information, or to book your place, visit:www.midlandsconstructionsummit.co.uk