Welsh Local Authorities Capital Programme

Last year’s published forward programme provided visibility to £2.8 bn of local authority capital investment in Wales over four years.

10th July 2015

Constructing Excellence in Wales (CEW) produced the ‘No Turning Back’report in October 2010. The Minister of Finance subsequently endorsed its recommendations and set up the Construction Procurement Strategy Steering Group under Value Wales to take the report forward. The first of the recommendations was to improve the visibility of the forward programme in Wales. In August 2011 the Steering Group requested CEW to research this aspect, particularly with respect to local authority programmes. A first composite ‘all-Wales’ local authority capital programme, indexed by ten sectors, was produced in autumn 2012. This research and pilot project was the subject of a CEW report published in July 2013. A consultation exercise into a number of aspects of this forward programme was conducted last year. The responses from the industry overwhelmingly supported the publication of an annual programme.

This current booklet collates the information which was collected by the WLGA from the authorities in March 2014 and sets out the four year ‘sectoral’ progamme to 2017/18. 

Further copies of this booklet, together with previous years’ programmes and the research report are available on the CEW Website

In the near future it is planned for this site to also hold on a sector basis the major local authority projects (£2m+) that are in the Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan (WIIP) pipeline and the UK Government’s construction investment in Wales, the ‘non-devolved’ programme. These three programmes, together with the WIIP itself provide significantly enhanced visibility of the forward programme in Wales.