Welsh Government: Plans to replace Landfill Tax in Wales

The Minister for Finance and Government Business recently launched a 12 week consultation on proposals for Landfill Disposals Tax which will replace Landfill Tax in Wales from April 2018.

27th March 2015

Many of you will be affected by these proposals, whether as waste producers or waste managers or as a community that has benefited through the Landfill Community Fund. It is therefore important that the Welsh Government hears your views on these proposals, including the importance of maintaining consistency with England and Scotland as well as where changes might be made to ensure that the replacement tax meets Welsh needs and circumstances.

A number of events will be held across Wales during the consultation period which you are invited to attend. 
Events will be held at:

  • Cardiff 23 April       
  • Llandudno 29 April
  • Carmarthen 6 May

If you like to attend any of the above or be included on the Welsh Government’s mailing list and hear how you can share your views in other ways, please contact the Welsh Government directly through the links below.

For further information, please e-mail the Financial Reform Mailbox or to download the consultation visit the Welsh Government website.