Welcome to the CIWM Resource Conference Cymru 2015

The 4th CIWM conference for the Welsh waste and resources sector will take place on the 10th March 2015 in Cardiff

6th February 2015

Wales has achieved great things. It’s been down to clear plans, enthusiasm, determination and, maybe most of all, working together. The momentum is established. A strong foundation is in place on which to build further success. Now the key is for all of us to continue working together. And for us to enthuse and encourage participation by more homeowners and businesses.

Wales is establishing itself as a thought leader in moving from coping with waste to managing resources. It leads the way in municipal waste recycling in the UK; however much more is needed to achieve the vision of one Wales – one Planet.

This conference will ask what are the big issues for the future of resources and waste management in Wales, and what are the solutions?

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