Is Wales Thinking Big Enough about Energy?

Energy efficiency is one of the central elements of all plans and designs in the building and engineering of everything in Wales from houses and offices to schools, hospitals and even roads and transport infrastructure.

31st October 2014

Because if Wales is to become more energy efficient where we live, work and play have to be greener and low carbon, but so do the methods we choose to travel, work and construct things.

So, are we doing it right?

The Minister for Natural Resources Carl Sargeant AM has called on people to give their views to help develop a new Welsh Government energy efficiency strategy for Wales. 

“Using energy more efficiently can help us to save money at home, but it’s also vital for businesses and in the public sector. It can help to reduce energy security risks and help us move to a low carbon energy system. We have achieved much on energy efficiency for businesses, the public sector and households, including Arbed, which helps improve energy efficiency in people’s homes in deprived communities across Wales, and Nest, our fuel poverty programme,” said the Minister.

“However I’m ambitious to do more,” he continued.  “I want to provide a sense of direction and a stable framework that is attractive to investors and consumers. I want to hear from businesses, public sector and third sector organisations and householders as we develop our strategy.” 

The Welsh Government is seeking views on barriers to energy efficiency, on further developing the supply chain to deliver improvements and on education, supporting innovation, smarter financial mechanisms and the right strategic direction for the sector. 

It is a great chance to give the Government some straightforward open and honest feedback regarding energy efficiency in Wales.

The Energy Efficiency Strategy Call for Evidence is open until 8 January 2015 - For further information visit the Welsh Government website