UKCG points Green Compass at rest of UK

The Green Compass Scheme and PAS402:2013 has secured national recognition with the news that the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) has formally expressed member support for the wider adoption of PAS402:2013 by waste management contractors.

23rd April 2015

The UKCG has confirmed that its members will actively promote PAS 402:2013 and encourage their waste management contractors to progress towards independent certification.

This is great news for the CEW waste team who have campaigned in Wales and been in liaison with contractors and decision makers across the UK for over six years. 

Paul Jennings director, Construction and Demolition Waste Programme at CEW commented, “We are delighted with the support shown by UKCG for PAS 402. We are already in dialogue with additional inspection bodies and this statement from the major construction companies in the UK will I am sure provide them with the confidence to now press ahead with adding PAS 402 to their schedules. We look forward to seeing a significant uptake of PAS 402 in England and the rest of the UK.”

PAS402:2013 requires a waste management organisation to report how it conducts its waste management activities and the landfill diversion and materials recovery rates it achieves. The Green Compass Scheme, developed by CEW in 2009, provides the independent verification of the performance data reported by waste management organisations against PAS402:2013. The Green Compass Scheme has been taken-up by waste management contractors in Wales but with the influence of UKCG members it has every chance of being adopted in England – starting with major projects delivered by UKCG organisations. 

UKCG members work on schemes such as Crossrail, the London Olympic Stadium and schemes in Wales procured via central government. Its members are committed to reporting data on waste, and measuring progress on reducing the amount of waste generated and sent to landfill. By contracting waste organisations that meet the requirements of PAS 402:2013, UKCG members will gain greater assurance in the data provided, and confirmation that the practices employed represent current industry best practice.  
Rob Lambe, chair of the UKCG Environment Group and managing director Willmott Dixon Energy Services Limited said, “By issuing the statement today, UKCG members hope to send a clear signal to the market that we would like to see more waste management contractors certified to PAS 402. The scheme has been successful in Wales, and it is now time to start extending this into England.  UKCG members are committed to reporting data on waste and PAS 402 will provide greater assurance that the information being provided by waste management contractors is as robust as possible”.

For further information regarding PAS402:2013 please visit the Green Compass Scheme website.