Thinking Big For Wales

This week Insider Magazine published the discussions at its latest Construction and Property Roundtable.

17th October 2014

The big headline was that Wales needs to consider embarking on big landmark schemes – anything from the planned Swansea Tidal Lagoon to the improvements to the M4 plus major sporting facilities. In a nutshell, the thinking is that Wales has the skills and to attract investment, consumers, business and wider prosperity the planners, policy makers and politicians need to accept that Wales can build itself out of recession and into a sustained period of success.

Read the full discussion here. The debate is a good one, but it is something that at CEW we have been saying for some time and we went on record with a constructive piece in the Western Mail earlier this summer.

The concept is good – Wales can clearly deliver outstanding landmark schemes. Indeed, it is likely that our industry will be building the tidal lagoon in Swansea and a brand new nuclear power station on Anglesey within a few years. The difference between is that CEW is arguing for a commitment that any work undertaken that puts Wales on the map as a world class economy is done by pursuing best practice and an adherence to collaborative working principles.