SBED: Project closure and Solcer house launch event

The Sustainable Building Envelope Demonstration (SBED) are hosting their final event of the project in conjunction with the launch of the Solcer House on Thursday 16th July 2015.

10th July 2015

The SOLCER project demonstrates the building integrated systems based approach to low carbon. The Solcer house launch will present research and partnerships that have developed associated with optimising a whole building as a low carbon system. This systems based approach – combining renewable energy supply, storage and demand reduction technologies - has been applied in the replicable new build ‘Solcer’ house and 5 retrofits of typical welsh housing stock which will be demonstrated at the event. 

The SBED project aim was to: model, test, prototype and monitor low carbon building systems incorporating transpired solar collectors (TSC) in six ‘buildings in use’ in Convergence Areas of Wales. The event will share the knowledge and experience learnt from the installation and will demonstrate how the TSCs use solar power to heat air before directing it into the building. 

The event is being supported by Specific, BASF, Pilkingtons and Cenin Ltd. 

Programme Agenda:  (The morning session will present the SOLCER project and the afternoon session will present SBED) 

10:15   Arrival & Coffee
10:45   Professor Phil Jones Chair of Architecture Science, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University: Introduce the Minister
10:50   Edwina Hart, Minister for Economy, Science and Transport
11:00   Professor Phil Jones will give an Overview of the Solcer house project       
11:15   Kevin Bygate: SPECIFIC
11:25   Nick Brown: BASF
11:35   Simone Vooijs: Tata Steel
11:45   Phil Ramsey: NSG Group
12:55   Jo Patterson: Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University
12:05   Professor Phil Jones: LCRI’s future plans
12:10   Refreshments and tours of the house 

The lunch will be followed by presentations and case studies from The Sustainable Building Envelope Demonstration (SBED) project

13:15   Huw Jenkins: WSA (Welcome and overview of SBED Project)
13:30   Neil Eccles: Tata Steel (TSC Case Studies)
14:00   Dave Humphreys: BAM Construction Ltd – TSC Installation at B&Q
14:15   Emmanouil Perisoglou/Dylan Dixon: WSA– SBED Monitoring
14:30   Catherine Brown: WSA (Public Perception Survey and Residential Case Studies
14:45   Diana Waldron: WSA (Assistance provided by the SBED Project)
14:50   Q & A Session
15:15   Ends

Your invited to attend this free showcase event on Thursday 16th July 2015.  

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