NHS Building for Wales: National Cost Adviser Framework

NHS Specialist Estate Services (SES) have been seeking to establish several frameworks for the 3rd Generation NHS Capital Developments programme.


All framework procurements are proceeding as planned, with the exception of that for the National Cost Adviser, which SES have had occasion to cease. 

The reason for this cancellation was due to only one (1) tender being returned, thereby rendering the framework unable meet the overall 3rd Generation framework aspirations of choice, capacity, capability and competition. 

SES are currently reviewing other options to meet the NHS Wales requirements for this letting, and would therefore welcome your attendance at an informal discussion to explore reasons why this procurement only received one formal response, what aspects were sufficiently unattractive to the market to cause such a low level of response, and what SES need to address in order to rectify this situation. 

The meeting is scheduled for 12:30 pm at Companies House on Wednesday 23rd August. Should you wish to attend, please forward confirmation of attendance and vehicle registration details to: joanne.munn@wales.nhs.uk