Never believe everything you read or hear.

These are wise words often mentioned by experienced journalists and PR professionals.

31st July 2015

So, whilst on first reading the coverage in the construction press about changes of heart by the Conservative Government about many construction policies looked worrying, it should not be.

Yes, the idea of ending the role of Construction Advisor seems short sighted. Yes, the restructure of the Construction Leadership Council seems ham-fisted and might limit the scope of its ability to drive change – particularly around the Construction 2025 agenda. But should we be surprised and should we really be that worried?

It is important to remember we are now dealing with a Conservative Government. Albeit, the Tories commissioned the Latham Report in the dying days of the John Major administration, it should not be a surprise that the liberal free market beliefs of Cameron and Osborne dictate they prefer hands off relationship with industry. As Graham Watts, CEO of the Construction Industry Council says: “Partnership between Government and industry is dead. The new mantra is dialogue.” His words sound dramatic and make a great quote for the media – but he is right.

But the best bit is this: in a dialogue we can say what we believe in and work hard to educate and inform the Government. A united industry can create a positive and constructive dialogue that shapes policy – something potentially even better than a partnership full of fudge and nice thoughts but little action.

So, my message is this: watch this space. The UK Government has given us all a great opportunity. What’s more, Constructing Excellence will be leading that dialogue with Government and playing a lead role in taking our industry forward.