Making Education Work

The 21st Century Schools Programme is a central element of Welsh Government construction policy and a core objective for CEW – can you play your part in making education in Wales succeed?

13th February 2015

Education is the bedrock of the future of Wales – that’s why our schools need to be built right and it is why we make no secret of promoting the 21st Century Schools Programme. A few weeks ago CEW’s regular column in the Western Mail promoted the argument that construction must play its crucial part in creating the schools that Wales needs for its communities and its economy.

So, it was fantastic that over 200 people attended our first series of “must attend” events that provided an opportunity for the private sector to influence the development of school buildings across Wales for the next 8-10 years.

For those involved in the planning, design and delivery of new schools the need to provide better performing buildings at lower costs is clear. It is against this backdrop that Constructing Excellence in Wales has been appointed by the Welsh Government to take forward a programme of work in support of the C21st Schools Programme to maximise the impact and value of the investment.

CEW will be focusing specifically on optimising school design, procurement and overall delivery so that greater value can be gained from this investment both in Band A and in preparation for Band B. Clearly engagement across both public and private sectors in Wales will be critical to delivering greater value for money. At a Public Sector Forum in November we engaged with local government in Wales to set out our approach and to seek their support and input.

So far, judging from the reaction we have had at our events in January and February we are on the right track – but we need much more engagement and much more feedback. So please – do contact our team to find out more about the 21st Century Schools Programme and how we can, together, maximise the impact and value of the investment made by Welsh Government.

To view the presentation from the C21st Schools events click here