Let's Make 2014 the Best Year Yet

Optimism seems to be growing in the construction industry. Despite the measured comments about further cuts being required across the UK made by George Osborne, the atmosphere in our sector – which is often seen as a barometer for the economy as a whole – is as positive as it has been for many years. And what’s more we have a lot of solid work to build upon in what is going to be a very busy 2014.

7th January 2014

Wales has already heard of news of new capital expenditure plans, exciting projects such as motor racing circuits and the prospects of infrastructure improvements, opportunities with Network Rail and ongoing work to develop low carbon across the country. 

To take advantage of the upturn we need to prepare now and learn the lessons from the best schemes in 2013 and maybe 2012 as well. What’s more, we have a lot of great examples to showcase as our CEW Awardsprove year on year. Indeed, one of the best ways of winning work is making sure your clients and potential partners know exactly just how good you are – and what better way than to celebrate your success via the CEW Awards in 2014.

The 2014 Awards go live next week once our call for entries goes out. There will be a series of updates highlighting the categories and you can visit the case studies of previous winners to gain top tips. The entries close in March and the awards themselves will be held at the City Hall, Cardiff on 4th July 2014.

Look at what the past winners have achieved and it is easy to see we are so optimistic about Welsh construction. Wales is good at planning, designing, building and maintaining schools, houses, hospitals, roads and offices – we are building our way out of the recession into recovery. The challenge in 2014 is to maintain the momentum and ensure we can do it sustainably to hit the Welsh Government targets.