LCI-UK - Lean Construction Leadership Summit - Birmingham - 30th October 2014

Last October, The Lean Construction Institute UK (LCI-UK) held an excellent Lean Construction Summit in Birmingham with over 200 managers from across the UK construction industry attending. This year we are returning to the Birmingham Metropolitan College who are once again hosting the LCI-UK Summit.

9th October 2014

Following on from last year’s theme of ‘Lean Leadership’, this year the conference theme is – ‘Lean Infrastructure, Meeting the Challenges of Construction 2025’ 

The UK government, in partnership with the UK construction industry, have produced a comprehensive strategy document.  LCI-UK board members are meeting with construction leaders in both government and the industry with the simple question, “how will the goals in this strategy be accomplished”?  This is the topic of the Summit and will be a theme that will run through all of the presentations and workshops.

We have designed this conference to provide a condensed opportunity to listen, discuss, share, challenge and learn about how Lean Construction has become a major development initiative within the UK Construction Industry.  It will be a lively networking event with all 36 workshops balanced between work and practiced based presentations and discussions.


Peter Hansford (Government Chief Construction Adviser)

Graham Dalton (Chief Executive, Highways Agency)

Mike Putnam (President & CEO Skanska UK, Co-Chair Green Construction Board, Construction Leadership Council Member)

Graeme Shaw (Head of Northern Line Extension, TfL)

Professor Dan Jones (Founder/Director, the Lean Enterprise Academy)

This is a great event for your team, your suppliers and your clients to have a common learning experience and an opportunity to challenge your work with new ideas together.

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The Lean Construction Institute UK (LCI-UK) is a charitable membership organisation supporting research into and dissemination of lean construction principles and best practice with a view to improving public sector construction whos aim is to provide those commissioning and delivering public works with the information necessary to make informed purchasing and delivery decisions for the public benefit