Just A Few School Projects Left To Contribute…

Working on the delivery of new schools in Wales? Then we need your data returns to help with our work driving value for 21st Century Schools.

2nd July 2015

For those who joined us in May at our 21st Century Schools update conference, you’ll see we’re busy making use of various datasets from the phase one pilot school sites. Response rates have improved but we’re still awaiting data returns from six authorities providing their completed cost breakdown, drawings and BREEAM reports. If we’ve been chasing you / your design teams in the recent weeks, we’d really appreciate your contribution. Any queries please get in touch with Amy Hutchinson, CEW who can let you know what information we’re missing. 

We urgently need your data as it is only with hard evidence that we can make as strong an argument as possible for improving the value of the 21st Century schools investment.