Improving Waste Minimisation

You can help improve the rate at which Welsh construction minimises waste by taking part in an online survey taking a few minutes from your day.

8th August 2016


Welsh construction needs as much help as possible if it is to work towards improving waste minimisation and one great way to do it is by gathering data and opinion. 

Taking part in the survey below will be a big step in the right direction. 

This questionnaire is part of a study aimed at exploring waste minimisation measures in construction projects in Wales. This questionnaire seeks to gather information from respondents based on their expertise knowledge and experience to identify precise needs in the Welsh construction industry in terms of waste minimisation.

The project title is ‘Working Towards Improved Waste Minimisation Measures in Construction Projects in Wales’ and the results of the survey will be used within a Cardiff University student’s thesis regarding waste management.

All the information provided will be held in strict confidence and used for research purposes only. The thesis will be submitted in September and published in November. A copy of the thesis and results of the survey can be made available for interested parties. All answers given as part of the survey will be made anonymous. 

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