How to win Awards

Are you doing the very best you can to win industry awards? Check out our 10 top tips to win the CEW Awards.

28th January 2016

Winning awards is something everyone aspires to – it doesn’t matter how much people protest that they don’t regard industry awards highly, or care that much. If you are recognised by your peers for your expertise, success, or your commitment to best practice it is a great achievement and something to feel justifiably proud of.

So doesn’t it make sense to give yourself every chance of winning by completing your entry in the best possible manner? To help you we have compiled ten top tips to guide you through the entry process.

1. It might sound obvious, but make sure the argument about why you win is based on the award criteria. Does your entry fit the brief? Have you answered the questions? Put yourself in the shoes of the judges

2. Demonstrate ambition – make it clear that you have clearly gone beyond the competition and you are leading the pack

3. Give a clear sense of what differentiates your company from others in the field

4. Provide as much evidence of benefits or improvements as possible

5. Make the case compelling – really demonstrate excellence, don’t just give an aggregation of all the activity being done

6. Make your entry simple and easy to read with no jargon – do not fall into the trap of using marketing and management speak. Focus on using plain language – stick to the facts. If in doubt cut out the adjectives

7. What are you doing that marks you out as different? We are looking for things that mark out a winner by doing something new and different, not someone who is delivering to industry best practice

8. Recognise the part others have played i.e. collaboration - it’s always good to see a client and other members of the supply chain saying it was wonderful and how it benefitted them

9. Demonstrate continuous improvement – think about what did you do better this year than last and what are you planning to do better next year?

10. If you were to summarise your submission into a Twitter message in 140 characters, what would it be?


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