The Green Compass Scheme & PAS402:2013 at the RWM Exhibition

The Green Compass Scheme & PAS402:2013 at the RWM Exhibition.

23rd September 2016

The CEW team attended the RWM Exhibition last week in Birmingham promoting the Green Compass Scheme and PAS402:2013. Paul Jennings, Director, CEW spoke on the panel ‘Extracting value from your waste data to unlock resource opportunities’ discussing the role of data and the case for transparency as a means of creating a positive engagement and opportunities.  The demand for accurate and available waste data is increasing and the Green Compass Scheme helps to assist in delivering this. 

What is the Green Compass Scheme?The aim of the Green Compass Scheme is to support the waste industry to move towards a truly sustainable approach to managing waste whilst providing customers with validated waste performance data.The Green Compass Scheme enables waste management organisations to demonstrate their performance with a UKAS accredited inspection against PAS 402. The scheme provides the framework, guidance and process for PAS 402 inspection. 

What is PAS 402:2013? PAS 402:2013 is the publicly available specification (PAS) for waste management performance reporting. Published by BSI, the specification provides the framework for the demonstration of performance against key areas of delivery, including landfill diversion and materials recovery, assuring potential and existing customers of the service they are procuring. 

What are the benefits? An independent evaluation of the Green Compass Scheme, undertaken by AECOM identified the following benefits:

  • Improved waste performance data within an increasing number of waste management companies as a result of the scheme;
  • Improved operating and safety practices - One of the biggest achievements recorded was the improvement in quality and health and safety;
  • A reduction in waste to landfill during the project period, with a corresponding reduction in COand operating costs;
  • An improved perception of the waste management industry as a whole, influenced by those waste organisations participating in the GCS;
  • Increased business activity, where GCS has provided an opportunity to win more work;
  • Through ‘awareness raising’ of the concept of landfill diversion, materials recovery and an open system of reporting, PAS 402/Green Compass Scheme promotes application of the waste hierarchy.

How does it work? Compliance is demonstrated through the inspection of an annual report detailing company performance for the previous year against PAS 402. The Green Compass Scheme is applicable to all waste management companies processing waste. To apply to become an accredited company, please email us at For further information regarding the Green Compass Scheme, or for an application form please visit: and follow@greencompass402