Going down the drain?

With flooding and drainage dominating the news now is a chance to help CIRIA to stop the SuDS construction calamities – take part in their survey.

7th January 2016

Stopping the SuDS construction calamities - survey for CIRIA RP1028 SuDS construction guidance

CIRIA would like to capture your or your colleagues’ experience of constructing SuDS. They would like to know problems that you have encountered, how they were resolved and how you avoided further pitfalls.

The outcomes of this survey will feed into CIRIA's research project on SuDS construction guidance (RP1028) that will improve the construction and ultimately performance of SuDS. Survey responses will help CIRIA scope and plan the content of the guidance, and the way in which it can effectively be presented to end users. Examples of good practice that you are happy to share with CIRIA are always welcome.

The wider uptake of SuDS is dependent on confidence that they can perform as specified and anticipated. A critical factor is that they are constructed correctly. Failures during the construction stage of any project can undermine confidence in future implementation, especially for SuDS.

You have until Friday 22 January 2016 to return your responses. CIRIA’s survey link can be found here.

Next month CEW will be hosting SuDS workshops outlining the Welsh Government’s new non-statutory guidance. The breakfast seminars will be held: 23rd February 2016 – South West Wales 25th February 2016 – North Wales 29th February 2016 – South East Wales

Please register your interest and stating preferred location by emailing our events team