G4CWales – Get Involved: It’s Your Wales

What kind of Wales do we want? Do you want the chance to present a manifesto for construction to the Welsh Government?

3rd September 2014

What kind of Wales do we want? Do you want the chance to present a manifesto for construction to the Welsh Government?

All too often we over hear people complaining about the decisions made by the people with power and influence be they in Government, business or some aspect of the public sector. The construction sector is no different – indeed, our industry is full of ideas and opinions. But there is ample opportunity to influence decision and policy makers and CEW offers a clear and objective conduit to the ears of senior industry leaders and Government ministers and civil servants. That was one of the aims of our G4C event in July when we urged delegates to get involved and tell us what kind of Wales you want.

In July, Leigh Hughes and Milica Kitson outlined what CEW does and the exciting prospects for the opportunity we see for G4C, as our future leaders of construction here in Wales. The links here summarise what we discussed – but now we need to take it a stage further and we need your support.

We would like to hold a facilitated event in September, at which we will elicit from you, your priorities for yourselves and for your future in Wales. We will then assist you in pulling together a ‘G4C Manifesto’ which you will then present to Ministers at a launch event in the Senedd sometime in November.

However, before that you will need to do a little bit of reading. We have given you various links in the CEW document attached; have a look at those items. Here are the priorities to bear in mind:

Construction 2025

Constructing the Team Sir Michael Latham and Rethinking Construction Sir John Egan – these two documents will give you further background to CEW
Welsh Government priorities – upcoming legislation such as the Future Generations Bill

We now need to know how many of you are interested in getting involved in the workshop in September. Once you have responded to Milica Kitson at this email,, we will then proceed – or not – to organise the workshop itself. If you require us to contact your employers regarding your participation in this workshop, please ask.

Your response can be a simple, ‘…yes, I am in…’ or ignore us completely. You can even give us your thoughts if you wish, up to you. But do get involved – this is a big chance to step up.