G4C Wales Manifesto

What political direction should construction pursue? Do we need a manifesto?

6th March 2015

Taking a leaf out of Building magazine, the G4C group is challenging Welsh construction about its future. 

Last week the next step in the drive towards a manifesto for Welsh construction was taken by the G4C Wales team. At a workshop held last week, the question was asked: what kind of Wales do we want and what kind of Welsh construction industry do you want to deliver that vision?

G4C Wales – the emerging professionals in Welsh construction working with Constructing Excellence in Wales -  is committed to build a construction industry in Wales that leads the rest of the UK and beyond. An effective construction sector in Wales will drive transformational change in the country, in its economy and generate jobs and create the infrastructure required to take the nation forward. But we need a plan – we need a manifesto to present to Welsh Government. The ideas developed at the workshop are now going to be developed into a short, sharp and influential manifesto ready for the election fever in May.

There are five themes we need input on to complete the G4C Wales manifesto for Welsh construction:

  • Skills & trades
  • Regeneration
  • Infrastructure
  • Governance
  • Wales USP

From these the objective is to create a vision for the built environment of Wales with sustainability at its heart and then set up the structures, funding and incentives to achieve it and demonstrate a clear commitment to investing in the built environment to achieve social, economic and environmental benefits.