The Fortunate Few

A small group of just over twenty construction professionals had the privilege of hearing how a project in south west Wales has been making great strides towards meeting the zero waste to landfill target.

21st November 2017

Dawnus Construction are in the process of creating a new primary school at Burry Port, near Llanelli. Parc y Tywyn school is part of the Welsh Government’s 21st century schools programme and Dawnus took the decision to volunteer the project to be part of CEW’s Enabling Zero Waste initiative.

The EZW programme requires contractors to be committed to landfill diversion and to be prepared to have both success and failure reported via an end of project public report.

Gareth Morgan, Project Manager for Dawnus at Parc y Tywyn, gave a detailed presentation on how, by adhering to collaborative working principles, they had successfully addressed the”waste “ issue . Gareth explained that the effort put in to managing the workforce, including their subcontractors , had paid dividends in the way waste was being segregated at source to improve the quality of recyclate and minimise costs. He was quick to recognise the input of their selected waste manager, Dyfed Recycling Services , who had played a vital, early role in looking at potentially difficult waste streams. Simon Morris of Dyfed Recycling Services confirmed that Dawnus’ approach in securing Dyfed’s early involvement played a significant part in the success achieved to date as it had allowed Dyfed to bring their expertise to the project before construction had got underway.

CEW will be writing up the project as part of the EZW programme and we are confident that the final outcome due next year will demonstrate how real progress can be made toward achieving Welsh Government’s targets.