Exemplar Housing Opportunities

A £20m boost to funding for affordable housing in Wales has been welcomed by Carl Sargeant AM, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children.

14th February 2017

A £20m boost to funding for affordable housing in Wales has been welcomed by Carl Sargeant AM, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children.

Following on from the Welsh Governments announcement last week by the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children has challenged the industry to show how it can up its game.

The target is to provide new innovative and sustainable homes that will help to deliver against the target of 20,000 homes over the five-year period with solutions that overcome the issues currently facing the industry in delivery. Here at CEW we are continually looking for schemes over all elements of the built environment to share the knowledge, learning and understanding across the full industry.

We were delighted to see that recent More | Better work by the Welsh School of Architecture demonstrates the potential of alternative approaches to deliver new housing in Wales. Be sure to read their Executive Summary to see how the seven different construction techniques have been analysed.

We are currently in discussion with various clients, designers, developers and suppliers in the early stages of applying for the Exemplar badge, but there is always room for more. Please call or email Gordon.Brown@cewales.org.uk in the first place to discuss.

Some of the current schemes being looked at by Constructing Excellence in Wales for the Exemplar projects are looking at the off-site manufacture, new forms of funding, collaboration within the team, community input and transformation, high levels of insulation, simple controls, CDM compliance and many other aspects within the schemes.

These schemes are based over the whole country and could well provide different learning and understanding based upon geography, exposure and locality.

The exemplar scheme's process is to review each of the schemes at the design stage, during the construction phase, and to return after construction is complete to look at the post occupancy evaluation and any lessons that could and should be learnt from these innovative housing solutions and to share that knowledge back through the industry and to any others that wish to listen.